Rev Tanabe Portrait

The Rev. Irene Tanabe

Priest & Rector

The Rev. Irene Tanabe embodies the mixture of Japanese and American cultures that is the spirit of All Souls’ Church.  Irene’s father was the son of Japanese immigrants to America and raised in Seattle, Washington.  Her father worked for the US Civil Administration in Japan, and for the Navy after reversion.  Irene’s mother was from Hokkaido and lived in Tokyo until her death in 2000.   Irene was born in the US Army hospital in Tokyo and lived most of her life around the American military communities in Japan.  She attended several Department of Defense Schools and graduated from Kubasaki High School.  Irene lived in Okinawa for 10 years before moving to the US.  The Rev. Tanabe was most recently rector of Epiphany Episcopal Church in Honolulu from 2014-2018 prior to coming to All Souls’.