All Souls Church
101 Aza Yoshihara
Chatan, Okinawa, Japan 904-0105

〒904-0105 沖縄県中頭郡北谷町 吉原101

From the Naha Airport using Public Bus Transportation,

Take a bus from the Airport– the Route no. is 120. Please check the map site:

Get off at Jagaru Iriguchi (謝刈入口). You can ask the bus driver to let you get off at that bus stop. From there you can take a taxi going to All Souls’ Church (101 Aza Yoshihara Chatan)

From Naha,

Taking the Highway 58, proceed north until you reach the Route 24 stoplight. This the first intersection after Route 130. At the Route 24 light you will see a pedestrian bridge, and a large Toyota dealership on your left. Take a RIGHT at the stoplight, you will see the southern fenceline for Camp Lester on your left side, proceed up the hill. You will come to a stoplight at which you will BEAR RIGHT. As you continue up this windy road, you will go STRAIGHT through another light. Shortly after the second light, Jagaru Park will be on your right side and Route 24 will make a sharp right curve around the park. Before the curve on Route 24, you will see a small road that goes STRAIGHT  take that road it will curve to the right. Our parking lot is the first LEFT off this road.

From Kadena gate 1,

Take a left onto Highway 58, proceed south. Take a left at the route 24 stoplight after you have passed Camp Lester(or the Blue Seal and Starbucks on your right) it is the next light. A large Toyota dealership (on your right) and pedestrian bridge are at the light. If you get to Camp Foster you have gone too far. Taking a left at the stoplight, you will see the southern fenceline for Camp Lester on your left, proceed up the hill. You will continue straight through another light, and Jagaru Park will be on your right and 24 will make a sharp curve around it. Rather than continuing around the park (even further up the hill), you will veer straight into a small alleyway that curves to the right, there are 2 signs for “All Souls Church”, pointing to the left, take that left. You will find the church parking lot straight ahead.

Route 23 (Kadena Gate 2)

This is considered the “back way” to All Souls but if you live near Gate 2 on Kadena, this is by far the fastest route. Leaving Kadena Gate 2 turn right onto Route 23, heading west toward Highway 58. Continue on Route 23 until you come to a light at a pedestrian bridge. There is a restaurant called South Island Kitchen on your left side. At this intersection make a LEFT turn. Follow this road through 2 stoplights. Continue straight, you will begin seeing tombs on your right and left. Immediately after the tombs take a RIGHT turn. Ahead you will see 2 traffic mirrors, take a right turn into our parking lot at those mirrors.,127.7959465/26.3184384,127.7714108/@26.3274905,127.7664719,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!4m1!3e0?hl=en-US

From the Spot Gate

Take a left unto highway 130. At the light take a right onto highway 58. Then take next right at the light onto 24. Follow the directions for Route 24 above…