Vision & Values

Our Vision

All Souls strives to be a church Deeply in love with Jesus, passionately caring for our community, sharing the hope we have in Christ.

Our Values

Worship– Is our  awed response to the gift of new life given to us through Jesus Christ.  Our worship is reverent, but not stodgy, Liturgical and full of the warmth of God’s love.

Study– We all want to learn more about the things we love.  We love God. Therefore we get to know him by studying his word and praying together.  We also study what the great minds of the past and present have had to say about our faith.

Service, Jesus tells us that what we do to the least of humanity we do it to him.  We also believe that service is freedom. It frees us from the lie that the world revolves around us! We aim to be a church known for its service to the Japanese, Americans, and anyone else on this island who is willing to accept our care in the name of Jesus

Community the early Christians referred to themselves as brothers and sisters.  This was symbolic of the fact that through faith and baptism we are brought into the family of God.  The book of Acts speaks of the sharing of meals and study in each others homes.  Considering the fact that many of our American members are far from there support systems we do what we can to be there for each other during deployments, births, sicknesses, holidays, and so much more!

Mission The message of the salvation we have in Jesus Christ is too good to keep to ourselves.  As we share our lives with people the message of hope that fills our hearts inevitably makes itself known.  We want to be a church that grows both by the transfer of Christians and by the conversion of those who previously did not know God.  Of course we welcome into our community those who are at any stage of their Spiritual journey

Prayer – Prayer is one of the greatest gifts of our faith. We get to speak with God!  We aim to soak our lives as individuals, families, and a church in prayer through the power of the Holy Spirit so that we might hear God’s will for us and joyfully obey.