Our Priest: Fr. Creighton Evans

I was born and raised in Charleston, SC, and I am one of those so-called “cradle Episcopalians” meaning I was raised in the Episcopal Church. In fact, I grew up only a few doors away from the Rectory and knew my early priests closely and they had an important influence on me. The clergy were always there for us in good or the bad times and at an early age I could think of nothing better than to serve God and God’s people. However, I struggled with central doctrines of our Christian faith regarding the Holy Trinity and The Incarnation. I tried to understand them from an intellectual standpoint. It was not until I was 18 years old that I met Jesus personally as my Lord and Savior and the mysteries of our Christian faith were received by Faith. I graduated with a BS in Psychology from the College of Charleston, married my beloved bride, Nina, and we have two children, Deidre and Creighton III.  Creighton has his Masters in Computer Science in Game Design and Deidre has her Doctorate in Rhetoric. I worked in various businesses for 16 years and went to seminary at 38. I have served in several Churches over my 21 years as a priest and now I am serving you here in Chatan, Okinawa. God has called me to bless you so that you can go out and bless others in his name.

All Souls Parish Administrator/Verger: Robby Robinson

I am Raymond (Robby) Robinson. I was born in Baltimore, MD in 1944. I am married to Darlene Robinson who is a civilian Strategic Planner and the NTS Expert for DOD. I have three grown kids. My Daughter lives in Utah with her husband at Hill AF Base. My youngest Son is married and is Executive Chef. My oldest Son is the City Planner for Gaithersburg, MD. I enlisted in the Army in the early 1960’s. I was commissioned and I rose in rank to a Colonel before I retired. I was inducted into the Infantry Hall of Fame in 1992. At which point I began my Army Civilian career and retired at the Executive level in 2005. My Army career spanned forty years! I retired and moved to Okinawa in 2005 and have been very active with All Souls Church since my arrival. I am a life-long Anglican, and have been very involved with church work most of my life. I have served in many positions at All Souls, currently I am responsible to the Rector and the Vestry for the day to day operations of the physical plant of the church and the church finances and budget. I am extremely dedicated to this church and honored to be able to serve it in my two capacities.

All Soul’s Administrative Assistant:

Keeps the church office running! Creates our weekly bulletins and E-Newsletter, manages the website, and marketing, seeks out volunteers, and is the behind the scenes of All Souls.

Children’s Program Director: Dr. Kendra Lowe

Children’s Program Assistant: Suwa Higa

Suwa is a native of Okinawa. She has been working for All Souls since 2005.  She functions as an office assistant for the Children’s Programs,  translator, Culture teacher, and Substitute teacher.  We are truly blessed to have her smiling face in the office or the Classroom.